TeamSpeak Wiki: TeamSpeak Server set Channel/Group icons

Teamspeak 3 gives you the possibility to set your own icons for a group or a channel. To do this, proceed as follows:

1) Right click on the channel you want to set an icon for.
2) Click on Channel Rights.
3) Open the rights of the group in the rights browser.
If you have done this, the following structure will appear:
4) If you have the right "Icon ID", double click on it and a new window will open. It is important to double click on the "VALUE" field.
5) In this window you can now select an icon and even upload your own icon. Once you have selected your icon, simply double-click on it. The icon now appears to the right of the channel.

For the server groups the way is the same, only that you edit the server groups here instead of the channel rights.

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