TeamSpeak Wiki: Where can I install a TeamSpeak 3 server?

Rootserver or dedicated server:
- Recommended -
Almost everything can be installed on a root server. This of course includes the Teamspeak 3 server application. The advantage of a root server is the location in a data center as well as a usually very stable connection.

Virtual server (V-Server):
- Recommended -
The virtual server is the little brother of the root server. Since the resources of a V-Server are distributed to several customers (sometimes even 100 or 1000 customers per server), these are significantly cheaper than root servers. A Vserver costs between 3 and 10 Euro per month.
In principle it is possible to host a Teamspeak 3 server on a V-Server. However, the TeamSpeak server usually runs less stable on a VServer than on a root server. However, this method is still much better than your own computer.

Own PC
- Not recommended -
As mentioned above, a Teamspeak 3 server can be installed on Windows, Linux and MAC systems. Of course, this also applies to the home computer. Since the PC would have to run all the time (electricity is expensive!) and a DSL connection has too little upload, you usually dont get very far with this variant. But it is possible. However, there are enormous security risks with this method.

Platforms on which no Teamspeak 3 server can be installed:

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